Why is Keyboarding Important?


Keyboarding is an important skill for all students. It involves using correct finger placement and building speed for optimal typing accuracy. When students develop keyboarding proficiency, it becomes an aid to the improvement of their writing skills. It is recommended that all students begin to learn correct placement of fingers on the keyboard as soon as they begin to use the computer.

Although students are exposed to some keyboarding instruction at school, the practice time required to learn this skill is not always available. Schools teach the home row technique, which is not intuitive. Teachers often rely on online keyboarding programs which do not reinforce proper finger placement. Students need an intuitive, customized program, with a qualified, involved teacher who makes the lessons fun. This is accomplished keyboarding the ABC way. The students learn quickly and are thrilled to implement their skills immediately into their school work.


1 Response to Why is Keyboarding Important?

  1. Camri Cahoon says:

    thanks you helped me a lot with my keyboarding assignment!

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