Success Stories

“This is my fifth week of typing and I have learned so much. I can type way faster than I could when I started. I have learned more than just typing, I have also learned how to change the colors of the words, make bullets and customise them. I think typing is really fun and a great life skill that every one should know. The instructor makes typing really fun too and I hope to do it again next time there is this typing class at my school.”

Carter grade five

“Cindy came highly recommended to us by a teacher. “Sachar” means reward/prize and that is what Cindy seems to be! Kids see instant results after the first typing lesson which only motivates them more. With convenient times and a big dose of fun, Cindy builds work skills and gives the imagination tools. Even I learned how to make my own stationery with watermarks! Cindy really knows how to engage kids and we can’t wait for the next group of sessions she offers, so our child can learn/practice even more advanced computer skills!”

Mother of a Grade 4 Boy

“I don’t normally send out an e-mail like this…  but I really wanted to highly recommend a typing/keyboarding/computer skills teacher we have been lucky enough to discover…

My son has been taking keyboarding lessons to help him become more proficient at typing and it has been the most fantastic experience.  Besides learning proper fingering, typing skills, speed, he is now also learning Powerpoint, Excel, etc etc.  He has learned how to make a website and business cards too.  He learned so much, so quickly, that we decided to sign up our daughter for lessons as well.

She comes to our home, is fantastic with the kids, gives them worksheets, and homework to keep “up to speed” during the week, and they are motivated to practice as they are extremely proud with what they have learned…”

Mother of 10 year old boy and 12  year old girl

“I have struggled for years to touch type using traditional typing courses but kept reverting back to two finger typing. Then I met Cindy. Thanks to her unique teaching method I have at last learnt to touch type saving me hours of time. Thanks Cindy.”

Neville Joffe – author, Adult

“Cindy Sachar and her computer courses have been a great addition to the After 4 program at John Wanless Public School.  I have been extremely impressed with Cindy’s enthusiasm for teaching and her ability to capture the interest and attention of students.  As an organizer of the After 4 program, I know I can count on Cindy’s maturity, reliability and experience.  I have a great deal of confidence in the high quality of the courses Cindy offers and I would not hesitate to recommend her to other schools.”

Josie Bohm, Co-chair, John Wanless After 4 Committe

“Thanks for the e-mail!  My daughter was on my laptop for much of the night last night.  She practiced her keyboarding, used borders, changed font colours…and she asked me to save and print the document she worked on so that she can give it to you as a present next week!  Thanks so much.  She loves your class!”

Mother of a Grade 2 Girl


“Thought to send you a note about the keyboarding class.  I thought my son would be a little young but was surprised last night when I saw him use the keyboard.  Fingers were in the right place.  He didn’t look at the keyboard to type abcdefg!!!  He knew how to change all fonts, sizes, italics, underline with no effort.  He didn’t even mind retyping everything they learned in class. Good choice.”

Mother of a Grade 2 Boy


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