Soar to the Cloud

Soar to the Cloud!

Give your students the wings to soar, using cloud based computer technology,

offered by ABC Keyboarding

Collaboration and innovation are considered pivotal 21st century skills for students

The goal of this 8 week course is to prepare your grade 5 – 8 students to be confident  21st century computer users in their Middle School and High School years, using online collaborative tools that are part of the collaborative and innovative approach to learning.


  • Help your students be prepared for Middle School and High School
  • Modern technology uses cloud based tools to help students work cooperatively


  • Prezi

An exciting online presentation tool that allows students to share presentations         effectively and creatively using the cloud

  • Weebly

An online website creation tool where students can showcase their work and achievements. Weebly is easy to use. The graduates could create an online year book for your school, as well as websites for the parent council and any other school related requests.

  • Google Docs

An easy to use online word processor, spreadsheet and presentation editor, where students can share their work with one another and their teacher. They can access      their documents from anywhere to edit and work collaboratively with group members.

  • Presentation Techniques

Students will learn how to deliver their presentations to their class creatively and confidently using voice modulation, eye contact and interaction with the audience in a relaxed conversational manner without reading from their notes.


  • 8 week course


  • Lunch time or after school


  • In your computer lab


  • Geared towards students in grades 3 through 8



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