In this creative and fun filled 8 week course your child will explore the world of dance.

Danceploration features different dance styles. Each class focuses on a specific dance style and the music associated with that style.

Your child will learn the steps and moves to create a dance at the end of each class.

In our final class, your child will present a favourite dance style to the group, incorporating dance styles learned throughout the course.

Week 1: Introduction to movement and line dancing

  • Put on jeans and boots

Week 2: Introduction to Ballet

  • Become a ballerina – wear a tutu if you like

Week 3: Introduction to Jazz

  • Come in black comfy clothing with bright accessories and a side pony tail

Week 4: Introduction to African Dance

  • Be ready to play the bongo’s and stomp your feet – come in bright tribal colours

Week 5: Introduction to Flamenco

  • Wear a long flowing skirt and a red hair accessory

Week 6: Introduction to Improvisation

  •  Come in comfy clothing of your choice

Week 7: Hip Hop

  • Come in your Hip Hop clothing

Week 8: Review of all the Dance Styles



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