ABC Keyboarding

A Revolutionary Method to Keyboarding – the A-B-C KEYBOARDING Method:

A quick and easy way to learn how to type!

Introducing a revolutionary method which uses the alphabet for keyboard mastery. It is proven to be the best way to learn how to type.


  • Learn keyboarding based on the alphabet – ABC
  • Fast learning time (6-8 sessions)
  • Ability to type without looking at the keyboard in no time at all
  • Relevant – applying useful and common words immediately, such as and, the, happy
  • Feeling of accomplishment

Join the 21st Century and become a PROFICIENT KEYBOARDER!

Taught over 4500 children to type and become proficient computer users!

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I also offer customized lessons to meet the needs of individual students including homework, presentations, assignments, programs and computer navigation.

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